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Since Rebound’s inception in 1997, Rebound is proud to offer a wide range of supportive and proactive programming to empower children, youth and their families. Our services offer a private and confidential process which can assist children, youth and their families with options and resources for programming.

Our programs and services include (click on each program for details):                                                                                                      

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CUIP Referral Forms:

Caregiver Referral Form
Agency Referral Form                                

Referrals are accepted from: Youth, Parents/Caregivers, Schools, Community Agencies, Probation, Police, Crown Attorney. Services and referrals are coordinated by connecting children, youth and families with supportive community services.


Rebound believes that the most effective services are those that are provided in a responsive and respectful manner and in a partnership with families. As part of that commitment, Rebound invites families, caregivers and youth to work with us to identify and shape how we meet the needs of children, youth and their families.

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Rebound Child & Youth Services Northumberland

Rebound Child & Youth Services Northumberland

Rebound Child & Youth Services Launches New Under 12 Initiative in Cobourg! 
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Rebound Child & Youth Services Northumberland